Sending LOB Events to Yammer Open Graph – demo App #BIWUG


Here is the demo code of a solution I showed at BIWUG. As a reminder, here is what the App does:

  • When installed into a Host Web, it attaches security event receivers to the Calendar list of the Host Web in order to send Calendar events to Yammer OpenGraph

In this case, I prefered to show something simple rather than actual LOB events but the principle remains the same.

From a technical point of view, the App makes use of :

  • An Azure Storage Queue to log events
  • An Azure Web Site to host SharePoint Remote Event Receivers
  • A Yammer App that you must create on your Yammer Tenant to retrieve a ClientID and a Global Admin Token (as explained during my session)

In order to test it, the only absolutely required step is to create a Yammer App and grab the ClientId+GAT. You also need to create a ClientId/ClientSecret in SharePoint and update the web.config file of the remote web. In the demo code, find all occurrences of Your_, these are all the placeholders in which you have to provide your own values.

You can download the code here

Happy Coding

About Stephane Eyskens

Office 365, Azure PaaS and SharePoint platform expert
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