Nuget package for DBPedia Spotlight


I have developed a small .NET wrapper for DBPedia Spotlight in order to facilitate the consumption of their web service. Once you’ve downloaded the package in your solution, you can easily use it the following way:

  static void Main(string[] args)
            SpotlightRequestConfig cfg = new SpotlightRequestConfig(
                "Somme text", "");
        static void ShowCandidates(SpotlightRequestConfig cfg)
            SpotlightCandidateRequest req = new SpotlightCandidateRequest(cfg);
            SpotlightCandidateResponse resp = req.GetResponse();
            foreach (SurfaceForm resource in resp.annotation.surfaceForm)
                if (resource.resource != null)
                    foreach (SurfaceFormResource sr in resource.resource)
        static void ShowAnnotation(SpotlightRequestConfig cfg)
            SpotlightAnnotateRequest req = new SpotlightAnnotateRequest(cfg);
            SpotlightAnnotateResponse resp = req.GetResponse();
            if (resp.Resources != null)
                foreach (SpotlightResource resource in resp.Resources)
                    Console.WriteLine(resource.uri+" "+resource.types);

The wrapper handles the annotate REST operation which performs disambiguation and NER. It also handles the candidates REST operation to get a ranked list of candidates. The wrapper converts the returned JSON into .NET objects that are easily exploitable in a .NET application. You can optionally filter NER on types, supportability and confidence.

I’ve also created a Github repository that is available

Happy Coding

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