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Case Study : opportunity to leverage Spotlight & Alchemy’s NLP capabilities within an open source SharePoint auto-tagger

Hi, This blog post deviates a bit from my usual topics but as I recently had to make an analysis in the context of a master degree I’m attending at night, I thought it might be an interesting reading for … Continue reading

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KeyVaultClientException: Operation “get” is not allowed

Hi, If you happen to encounter any security exception with keyvault, make sure you pay attention to how you grant access to the Azure Active Directory Application. To grant access to the application, make sure you grant it to the … Continue reading

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Managing expiration of Azure Active Directory Application Client Secrets

Hi, As I am more and more using Azure Active Directory Applications to consume online services such as SharePoint Online, Yammer etc., I found myself annoyed with the duration of the client secrets. As you know, when creating an app … Continue reading

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Azure Application Permissions vs SharePoint Add-In permissions, the obvious that’s not so obvious

Hi, I don’t know if you’ve ever played with Azure Active Directory Application permissions to consume SharePoint Online but you should know that the major advantage they offer compared to Add-Ins is that you can grant Azure Applications access to … Continue reading

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