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Alternative to Azure AD Premium’s Azure AD Privileged Identity Management (PIM)

Hi, Azure AD Priviledged Identity Management aka PIM is a great set of features to control who can access what in an organization but this is part of Azure Active Directory Premium P2, which costs about 7 euros/month/user at the … Continue reading

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Accessing SharePoint Online from Java, PHP, etc.

Hi, I recently got a question from Java developers who wanted to consume the online SharePoint REST APIs from a background job (no possible interaction with end users). As I’m really working with the Microsoft stack, I thought about the … Continue reading

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Leveraging the Azure AD Proxy to consume on-prem APIs from an Azure Web Job using the Password Grant Type

Hi, When creating Azure AD Proxy Applications to expose on-prem WebAPIs, you have to do a few things such as: Installing the proxy connector on an on-prem server (that has access to the web api) Configuring KCD in order to … Continue reading

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HTML5’s contributions to the Web’s historical technical shortcomings

Abstract The present paper discusses the historical technical issues and limitations of the Web’s successive technological paradigms. The main research question is whether the latest one, HTML5, appropriately remedies these identified shortcomings. The methodology is based on concrete examples, and … Continue reading

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Bring your “A” game to ESPC16

With just over 3 weeks to go to Europe’s largest gathering of SharePoint & Office 365 professionals, take a look at these tips that will help you get the most out of ESPC16… Find out who’s going Check out Twitter … Continue reading

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Yammer integration options for developers

Hi, In this video I have recorded for #collab365, I discuss the different integration possibilities between Yammer and other systems, out of a real-world project. Happy coding!

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Azure AD App Creation, mind the new portal!

Hi, You might have noticed but in the recently added Azure AD section of the Azure Portal (, the App creation experience seems to have changed compared to doing the same operation from the old portal. From the old portal, … Continue reading

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