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#botframework custom #webchat control secret tip

Hi, Following an issue I reported to the GitHub repository, pay attention to use the right secret when working with the custom webchat control. Indeed, if you rebuild this control yourself, you’ll have to enable the DirectLine Channel and use … Continue reading

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#botframework custom #webchat control and #websockets hacks

Hi, At the time of writing, the default online webchat control (…) isn’t websocket enabled at all. It seems that Microsoft will change that in a near future but I don’t know about the timing. However, if you’re in a … Continue reading

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Building the nextgen SharePoint search through a BOT and LUIS?

Hi, [Update: 09/2017]: I demonstrate this from A to Z in my online course on Channel9 , feel free to watch episode 5 demonstrating this using Azure Cognitive Services. I’ve recently worked on creating a BOT with the Microsoft Bot framework … Continue reading

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Transparent BOT authentication with Microsoft Teams

Hi, At the time of writing this blog post, the BOT framework is still in preview so things are subject to change! However, if you already played with it and tried to enable the Teams Channel for one of your BOTs, you’ll … Continue reading

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NLP adventures with Microsoft LUIS, first impressions on the product.

Hi, I had the opportunity to work with LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) recently in order to make an “intelligent” BOT. NLP (Natural Language Processing) and artificial intelligence in general are not new as Alan Turing was already busy with that … Continue reading

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Microsoft BOT framework, transparent authentication with the webchat control

Hi, In this post, I will explain how you can transparently authenticate end users to a BOT whose the backend is hosted in Azure. I’m only covering the webchat channel and more particularly the webchat control that is available out … Continue reading

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