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Dialogue tip with the Microsoft botframework

Hi, Admittedly, dealing with dialogues within the bot framework isn’t an easy task. We often have to struggle to make that damn thing do what we want it to do. I recently had to include a potentially rich answer during … Continue reading

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How to properly train Microsoft LUIS?

Hi, I’m now working with LUIS since late December 2016 and I have detected some patterns that I think can be very useful when training your models. My observations are based on models that served different purposes. I’m not going … Continue reading

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SharePoint-hosted QnA versus QnA Maker, how do they compare to eachother

Hi, I’ve a little bit tackled this topic in my previous post but I’m now going to elaborate more and come with concrete results. Before making the comparison between a SharePoint-Hosted QnA and QnA Maker, let me describe shortly what QnA … Continue reading

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LUIS and POS-Tagging, better together to build great bots

Hi, I recently wrote a blog post on SharePoint’s nextgen searchbox that showed how to use a bot to query SharePoint instead of using the regular searchbox. As many of you know, SharePoint’s search engine is very powerful but end users will … Continue reading

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