DevOps – Azure API Management and VSTS, better together


Visual Studio Team Services aka VSTS is a great tool when it comes to Application Lifecycle Management, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. It is a must have tool in any DevOps organization working with Microsoft technologies (but not only). With that in mind, it is a surprise to no-one that most of the Azure PaaS services are natively integrated with VSTS, using either existing extensions, either ARM templates, either ARM APIs.

However, strangely enough, I couldn’t find a real integration with Azure API Management other than this extension, which is a nice effort but not reflecting the real value of Azure API Management. Some getting started ARM templates are available but that’s rather light for now. Moreover, while ARM templates are great, they are sometimes limited or not that easy to manipulate.

So, in an attempt to contribute, I released a free VSTS extension on the marketplace, called API Management Suite,  that covers a rather broad set of features of Azure API Management. The extension helps dealing with:

  • Creation/Update of Gateway APIs with and without versioning pointing to traditional backend API services
  • Creation/Update of Gateway APIs with and without versioning on top of Azure Functions
  • Creation/Update of Gateway Products
  • Built-in support of Gateway Policies for both products & APIs

Everything is open sourced on GitHub in this repo.

Happy deployments!

About Stephane Eyskens

Office 365, Azure PaaS and SharePoint platform expert
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