Azure API Management – VSTS – V2.0 release


A while ago, I have published a free VSTS extension to automate deployments towards Azure API Management.

I got a rather good feedback and some change requests as well as the involvement of some external contributors on the GitHub Repo. In a nutshell, the purpose of this extension is to bring Azure API Management into VSTS as part of your release lifecyle. Whether you use API Management to monetize APIS or for internal purposes, it is good to associate the release of your backends APIs with their corresponding facade APIs published against the API Gateway. The extension now comes with the following features:

  • Support of versioned APIs
  • Support of API prefix
  • Support of Versioning Schemes (segment, query string, HTTP header)
  • Support of Product creation
  • Support of Product and API policies, with many pre-defined templates
  • Resolving in-line or URL-based OpenAPI specification
  • Ability to let the extension create an APIM layer on top of a function set with automatic mapping between functions and operations and the injection of each function’s key through an operation policy.

The complete documentation can be found directly on the market place.

Happy APIs!

About Stephane Eyskens

Office 365, Azure PaaS and SharePoint platform expert
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