IT/Dev Connections Highlights of my sessions


#ITDevConnections is approaching. Join my sessions where I plan to make some exciting deep dive demos.

I’m going to have 3 talks on the following topics

  • Deep Dive into Azure DevOps Custom Extensions (1)
  • DevSecOps: Infrastructure as Code: Azure DevOps vs Azure Automation (2)
  • DevSecOps: Identity at the Heart of Automation (3)

These three talks can be attended separately or all together since they are somehow linked and part of the same story but you can perfectly afford to attend only one of them and still (hopefully) grasp the overall concepts!

Enough talking, in talk #1, you will learn how to build Custom Azure DevOps Extensions(building/versioning/debugging) and complexity will increase over time since we’ll end up with building custom Service Endpoint Types talking to API Management or to custom APIs through Mutual Authentication, in other words, letting Azure DevOps talking to any backend of yours in different manners.

In talk #2, I have an awesome demo showing how to tackle all the aspects of an application lifecycle from Development to Security & Operations (DevSecOps) with security bits in the picture (MSI, API Management, Azure KeyVault, Azure AD, Network isolation, etc..) and Operational aspects such as Log Analytics & Azure Automation runbooks, everything fully automated and integrated into a single release pipeline. We’ll start from nothing and we’ll have a fully functional application relying on a secure architecture with the basic monitoring blocs in place. I’ll also make a few demos of Azure Automation.

In talk #3, I’ll discuss one of the most challenging topics when it comes to automation: identity. Here again, I’ll show you how to have an end-to-end Enterprise-ready automation of identity-related things (MSI, OpenID and OAuth together with Key Vault).  We’ll start simple and we’ll end up with a complex scenario implying user & group assignments.

I’m eager to see you at #ITDevConnections




About Stephane Eyskens

Office 365, Azure PaaS and SharePoint platform expert
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