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Enhancing the security of Azure Automation Webhooks in an Azure DevSecOps context

Hi, Webhooks are a very convenient way to integrate APIs in general and to call Azure Automation runbooks but while they are very useful and easy to work with, they raise some security concerns. To give a concrete example, if … Continue reading

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Understand the impact of websockets on the Azure Application Gateway

Hi, websockets are admittedly not the most commonly used technology although they are very useful in every near “real-time” scenario. The thing is this may have a dramatic impact on the behavior of the Azure Application Gateway, mostly regarding the … Continue reading

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IT/Dev Connections Highlights of my sessions

Hi, #ITDevConnections is approaching. Join my sessions where I plan to make some exciting deep dive demos. I’m going to have 3 talks on the following topics Deep Dive into Azure DevOps Custom Extensions (1) DevSecOps: Infrastructure as Code: Azure … Continue reading

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Azure Tools VSTS extension to bridge Dev & Ops a little more

Hi, I have just released the v1.0 of Azure Tools that is an open source initiative available on Github. The idea is to bring a set of tools to bridge VSTS with tools that are typically used by infrastructure and operational … Continue reading

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Azure API Management – VSTS – V2.0 release

Hi, A while ago, I have published a free VSTS extension to automate deployments towards Azure API Management. I got a rather good feedback and some change requests as well as the involvement of some external contributors on the GitHub … Continue reading

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Azure policies & Azure firewall

Hi, I recently blogged about the new Azure Firewall that gives you the possibility to control outbound traffic from resources hosted inside of a VNET. At the time of writing, although the firewall is defined at VNET level, it does … Continue reading

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Azure Connectors, the DMZ 2.0?

Hi, I wanted to write this blog post because I’m often facing hard resistance from customers working with the Cloud and Hybrid Architectures regarding some security aspects. A very well-known way to secure access to on-premises resources is by using … Continue reading

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