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AI at a fingertips with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services & Azure Machine Learning

Hi, Today, Bots & more particularly Chatbots are on every lip! Why this buzz? The answer is very easy: AI has become mainstream thanks to vendors such as Microsoft, IBM and others. Chatbots make use of computational linguistics behind the … Continue reading

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Implicit Grant flow and group membership within ID_TOKEN

Hi, I recently realized thanks to a colleague @MMeuree, that the ID_TOKEN that’s supposed to contain the group membership as shown below: does not list more than 4 groups (here I grabbed the token using another flow). So, if the user … Continue reading

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Creative way of exposing on-premises APIs through Azure API Management

Hi, In this blog post, I’ going to explain what I consider a creative way of exposing on-premises APIs. Let’s envision the following scenario: You have an on-premises API that is secured using Windows Authentication and for which you need … Continue reading

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Still hesitating which sessions to attend at #techorama? You might want to go to API Management in Azure

Hi, This year, at Techorama, I’m going to speak about API Management in Azure. Although this topic is not new, I realized it’s pretty unknown by peers I talk to. Here are the agendas of my sessions, as I cover … Continue reading

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Think twice before enabling Bing Spell Check at LUIS level

Hi, Enabling Bing Spell Check, one of the Azure Cognitive Services at LUIS level is a piece of cake, indeed, this involves the following steps: Getting a key Registering the key in LUIS Associating that key to your LUIS application … Continue reading

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Microsoft bot framework tip: mind the mentions

Hi, As you know, the Microsoft bot framework is mutli-channel, therefore, when users start talking to a bot from Teams, they may mention it in order to interact with your bot. So far so good but you should mind the … Continue reading

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Dialogue tip with the Microsoft botframework

Hi, Admittedly, dealing with dialogues within the bot framework isn’t an easy task. We often have to struggle to make that damn thing do what we want it to do. I recently had to include a potentially rich answer during … Continue reading

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