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SharePoint-hosted QnA versus QnA Maker, how do they compare to eachother

Hi, [Update: September 2017: QnA Maker V2 is much more efficient than V1. However, the statements in this post are still applicable to documents and other types of datasources that you cannot move to QnA Maker. So feel free to … Continue reading

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LUIS and POS-Tagging, better together to build great bots

Hi, [Update: 09/2017]: I demonstrate this from A to Z in my online course on Channel9 , feel free to watch episode 5 demonstrating this using Azure Cognitive Services. I recently wrote a blog post on SharePoint’s nextgen searchbox that showed how to … Continue reading

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Writing a #cognitive #bot that leverages #luis #azureml and #qna maker

Hi, [Update 09/2017: learn how to bring huge capabilities to your bot by watching my free Channel9 course] In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to create the boilerplate code & actions to leverage a magic set … Continue reading

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#botframework custom #webchat control and #websockets hacks

Hi, At the time of writing, the default online webchat control (…) isn’t websocket enabled at all. It seems that Microsoft will change that in a near future but I don’t know about the timing. However, if you’re in a … Continue reading

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NLP adventures with Microsoft LUIS, first impressions on the product.

Hi, I had the opportunity to work with LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) recently in order to make an “intelligent” BOT. NLP (Natural Language Processing) and artificial intelligence in general are not new as Alan Turing was already busy with that … Continue reading

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