Building the nextgen SharePoint search through a BOT and LUIS?


I’ve recently worked on creating a BOT with the Microsoft Bot framework that handles queries from end users expressed in natural language. The BOT leverages #LUIS, Microsoft’s NLP engine, in order to extract entities and semantics our of the queries. At the time of writing, both LUIS and the Microsoft Bot framework are still in preview but they let us envision great possibiliities.

The SharePoint search engine is very powerful as it is fast and highly tunnable. However, most of the times, users simply use it as they use Google or Bing. They don’t know the name of the managed properties we created nor even the out of the box keyword query elements such as isDocument:1, etc.

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Transparent BOT authentication with Microsoft Teams


At the time of writing this blog post, the BOT framework is still in preview so things are subject to change! However, if you already played with it and tried to enable the Teams Channel for one of your BOTs, you’ll see that it behaves differently than for the WebChat Channel.

Indeed, attachments are not handled the same way and although the user is automatically recognized in the Teams Channel, I couldn’t find any way to generate a Graph AccessToken (or anything else) by leveraging this information.This means that if you want to interact with any Azure Active Directory protected API, you’ll have to prompt the user for login (unless I missed something).

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NLP adventures with Microsoft LUIS, first impressions on the product.


I had the opportunity to work with LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) recently in order to make an “intelligent” BOT. NLP (Natural Language Processing) and artificial intelligence in general are not new as Alan Turing was already busy with that decades ago but today, we have more power and more data than ever…

In general, if you want to have a reliable NLP engine, it’s always a good idea to restrict the scope of the application domain and that’s exactly what LUIS allows you to do in an easy way.

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Microsoft BOT framework, transparent authentication with the webchat control


In this post, I will explain how you can transparently authenticate end users to a BOT whose the backend is hosted in Azure.

I’m only covering the webchat channel and more particularly the webchat control that is available out of the box when enabling the web chat channel in the BOT configuration page.  As this sample leverages various building blocs, I assume that you already know ADAL and the Microsoft BOT framework.

At the time of writing this blog post, the framework is still in preview so things are subject to change in the future.

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Get your analytics to the next level with Azure Cognitive Services


This blog post is a relay to the official publication on the MVP Award Blog. In a nutshell, I wrote an article about how to leverage the Text Analytics and the Vision APIs, both part of the Azure Cognitive Services, to get your Yammer Analytics to the next level.

I also wrote a demo sample application that is available on GitHub. You can have the reading here while the GitHub repository with the sample app is available here

Happy Coding

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Have a #Bing / #Google like search experience in #SPO using Azure Cognitive Services


Microsoft recently made Azure Cognitive Services available (in preview at the time of writing). This new set of APIs is built on top of Azure’s API Management building block and points to well known APIs (Machine Learning, Bing…) that Microsoft was offering for a while but in different flavors. Thanks to Azure Cognitive Services, we now have a single way of consuming these APIs which makes our life better! Continue reading

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Azure Cognitive Services – Topic Detection failure


If you keep receiving this exception: Internal error while executing BES operation from the Topic Detection operation of the Text Analytics API, you might want to double-check the following things:

  • test the API against genuine content, meaning not fake content such as “I like potatoes”, “I hate potatoes” etc.
  • Pay a particular attention to the minDocumentsPerWord parameter as specifying a too restrictive value (high treshold) will result in this exception.

Happy Coding!

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