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HTML5’s contributions to the Web’s historical technical shortcomings

Abstract The present paper discusses the historical technical issues and limitations of the Web’s successive technological paradigms. The main research question is whether the latest one, HTML5, appropriately remedies these identified shortcomings. The methodology is based on concrete examples, and … Continue reading

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Edge’s performance with HTML5 Web Storage and its position compared to other browsers

Hi, This post is a little unusual compared to what I usually blog but for some obscure reasons that I don’t want to reveal here :), I have to make an in-depth analysis of HTML5. I’ll tackle most of the … Continue reading

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Has user privacy become a myth?

Hi, Today, I’m not going to talk about deep technical things but rather about high level considerations regarding HTML5, the browser, the Cloud and their impact on user privacy. I recently had to study that and I thought it would … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2013 on-premises / Azure Media Services / CORS / HTML 5 combination to deal with videos in SharePoint

Hi, I’ve recently been involved in a POC for a on-premise SharePoint 2013 installation where the customer wanted to make videos available in SharePoint but wanted them to be stored in Azure for storage/scalability reasons. Although there are some third … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2013 – Integration Challenges – #5 Same Origin Policy – HTML5 postMessage

Hi, I’m currently involved in integrating SharePoint with IBM Connections and I’m having a lot of fun trying to figure out all the possibilities. Since these integration considerations are not specific to SharePoint/IBM Connections, I’ll blog a series of posts … Continue reading

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