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Building the nextgen SharePoint search through a BOT and LUIS?

Hi, [Update: 09/2017]: I demonstrate this from A to Z in my online course on Channel9¬†https://channel9.msdn.com/niners/stephaneey¬†, feel free to watch episode 5 demonstrating this using Azure Cognitive Services. I’ve recently worked on creating a BOT with the Microsoft Bot framework … Continue reading

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Walkthrough : Capturing SharePoint Online specific events via the Office 365 Management API

Hi, Although the Microsoft documentation on this topic is already quite good, I think that it might sound a bit rude to people who aren’t familiar with Azure AD Authentication and Office 365 APIs in general, especially because that API … Continue reading

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Azure Application Permissions vs SharePoint Add-In permissions, the obvious that’s not so obvious

Hi, I don’t know if you’ve ever played with Azure Active Directory Application permissions to consume SharePoint Online but you should know that the major advantage they offer compared to Add-Ins is that you can grant Azure Applications access to … Continue reading

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SharePointOnlineCredentials versus Azure Active Directory Apps versus ACS Apps

Hi, I’ve just posted a tip on how to consume CSOM with Azure Active Directory Apps and behind that tip, there is a broader question regarding the various ways to interact with SharePoint Online. Today, we have three possible methods: … Continue reading

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Using CSOM with Azure Active Directory Apps

Hi, Azure Active Directory Apps represent the new way of consuming Microsoft’s SaaS applications among which SharePoint Online. When it comes to the latter, it’s a little hard to see the added value of AAD Apps versus SharePoint Add-Ins. Admittedly, … Continue reading

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Consuming Azure Hosted Web API from SharePoint Online using JavaScript and Office 365 identities

Hi, Consuming a web service from JavaScript has really become a commodity nowadays with the rise of SPA and other JavaScript based UIs. While this is quite easy to achieve in SharePoint On-Premises, it can be more challenging in SharePoint … Continue reading

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Side-by-side SharePoint Team Sites and Yammer Private Groups App #BIWUG

Hi, Here is the demo code of a solution I showed at BIWUG. As a reminder, here is what the App does: When installed into the Host Web, it creates a corresponding Private Group in your Yammer Network and creates … Continue reading

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